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The Property Foundation is positioned to fund the advancement of property education. 

We believe that engagement in education is a life-long pursuit.

Please get in touch to discuss any property education requirements.

1. Education Scholarships are available to support your studies

2. Our Education Repository holds very useful and interesting education documents for your knowledge. 


There are various education packages that will support property educators and students. Have a look at available packages and get in touch if you can get involved.

Education repository

The Property Foundation Annual Scholarship $5,000

The scholarship is open to New Zealand and international students, enrolled in property programmes and their first year of study must have been completed. The scholarship is awarded on academic excellence and strategic research priorities to advance the study of property. The aim is to support the best talent to get off to the best possible start in their research careers, focused on pressing issues in Property. The value of the scholarship is $5,000. The scholarship is offered annually and the tenure is for a single academic year. The Property Foundation Scholarship is awarded at the sole discretion of The Property Foundation and its satisfaction around the suitability of the winning applicant for the Scholarship. The Property Foundation reserves all rights in relation to the assessment and selection of the awardee. Applications close on the 31st of October each year.

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