127.241 Contact Workshop



Title: Contact workshop and field visit in Palmerston North

On Saturday 27th April, 2019, a full day contact workshop for 127.241 Property Market Principles students was organised at the Manawatu campus to arrange a face-to-face interaction with distance students. In the first half of the session, participants introduced themselves and course contents covered so far were reviewed. The students were also briefed about their assignments requirements and structure of the final exam. Later on guest speaker Dr Imran Muhammad, Associate Professor, School of People, Environment and Planning – Massey University gave a presentation about Sustainable Urban Development to students.

In the second half of the session, a field trip was organised in which four brownfield and greenfield development sites were visited in Palmerston North including Vaucluse Heights, Centennial Park, Johnstone Drive Fitzherbert and Hokowhitu Village. The field trip gave a chance to consider land use and urban growth pattern. At the end of field trip, a debriefing session was organised in which students formed groups and discussed about SWOT analysis of all four development sites particularly in relation to their environmental significance surrounded by native river, bush, pine forest and farmland etc.

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